Tuesday, 1 November 2011

about me.

Alot of you may not know to much about me, so I thought I would revile some things now.
One thing the majority of you do know is my name, Abbey.
My mum especially didn't just really like the name, she really really liked it and that's basically how I got it.
I don't think Abbey is a really popular name, but every time I go on holiday I always meet some called the same :)


I am very, very lucky as my parents are not divorced and they have been married 11 years.
I have never been that close to my mum and I never really ask her about personal things, but since I have got into makeup we have been going around in superdrug together buying powder,lipstick etc, which as brought us much closer. I love my dad he does everything for me and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have a roof over my head. I also live with two chickens (a.k.a my younger sisters), the first chicken is called Sophie and she is 9 years of age. The second chicken is called Louise and she is the youngest at the age of 6.


I have just started high/secondary/school and I am really loving it! I have made ALOT of new friends but am still in good contact with my primary ones which is excellent. Obviously since I have just started I can't pick my own subjects which sucks but yannoo :). I have really great teachers and some of them are really interesting and odd ;)

Anyway, that's all for now!



Hello- I'm New!

Hello, my youtube link has probably got you in this wonderful posistion right now, reading my first article on my blog and in 10 years time I'll probably be sitting here cringing about how cheesy my first article reallly was! Anyway since some of you may know a few people (a.k.a the whole school) found out about my youtube the other day and I couldn't really face the humiliation of carrrying on but I thought wait, I still want to do something on the internet beauty related so that's when the lightbulb clicked.....I thought why not create a blog?! So this is where the journey begins to hopefully a wonderful experience :). I have tried creating a blog a few times in the past years and have failed miserably, so *finger crossed* (two fingers are unlucky) that this blog will go well and I will get all the "technical difficulties" out the way!