Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hello- I'm New!

Hello, my youtube link has probably got you in this wonderful posistion right now, reading my first article on my blog and in 10 years time I'll probably be sitting here cringing about how cheesy my first article reallly was! Anyway since some of you may know a few people (a.k.a the whole school) found out about my youtube the other day and I couldn't really face the humiliation of carrrying on but I thought wait, I still want to do something on the internet beauty related so that's when the lightbulb clicked.....I thought why not create a blog?! So this is where the journey begins to hopefully a wonderful experience :). I have tried creating a blog a few times in the past years and have failed miserably, so *finger crossed* (two fingers are unlucky) that this blog will go well and I will get all the "technical difficulties" out the way!


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  1. Good Luck :)

    Lucy x